Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kiln Gods Were Not Kind

There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. - Leonard Cohen, "Anthem"

I took up ceramics to exorcism a past experience that caused me to give up my love of clay. Most of the time, I feel I have released the past, but at other times I wonder why anyone would ever want to use ceramic as a creative endeavor. There are so many variables especially in a cooperative. I will admit that partly it was my fault. I love playing with different clays. I was told that a new brown clay that come into the studio was extremely easy to use and that it played well with our glazes. I was told that I could get a nice blue, which was what I needed. The gallery I am in requested that I recreate the two masks that had sold. Not something I usually do, but with an unemployed husband this was not an option. So the first image are the masks that were made from the new brown clay done with the exact same glaze and done on the same day. It's a go figure. None of the experts can give me a definitive answer.

There was a time in my life where the voice in my head would have said, "You're no good. You should just give up." The voice is still there, I just don't listen. And while I don't like the idea of starting over, I feel blessed that I can. I also know I won't be using the new brown clay. Lesson learned! Have you done any exorcisms of your own?

By the way, one of my best activities that I have done at ClaySpace Ceramic Arts Center was an evening where I got people to create kiln gods that protect our kilns. Here is mine.



  1. Never give up -- the first rule for any creative person. Thanks for reminding us all of that. Love the kiln God. xo

    1. Thanks! I was so nervous when I made the kiln god and yet, it is one of ClaySpace's most popular pins on Pinterest. Got to believe and do the work. Hugs.

  2. For some reason I cannot contact you by email, so I'm resorting to this. My comment is not about the article.

    I am almost finished reading Quilts in the Attic. It is one of the most inspiring books I've ever read. I am by no stretch of the imagination a sewer but I love quilts, and particularly different women contributing to a quilt. Thank you so much for sharing these people's stories.

    I have long wanted to attempt small projects but I've been scared because my attempts would be rubbish. The number of quilters in this book who started from a position not unlike mine has inspired me to at least try. In not being perfect it will be unique.

    Thank you so much for this book and for sharing your love of quilts and quilting with us.

    Mary Kerr -


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