Thursday, January 23, 2020

New Year, New Beginnings

I love making collages if I can stay out of my head. This is not easy at times, but when it happens, the world disappears. Creating "Quiet Joy" took a while to get to the get out of your head stage. I am happy and hope whomever takes it home, enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.

The Brush Art Gallery and Studios has been good to me so when the opportunity to support them, I jumped at the chance. They are asking artists to create a piece of art on a 4" x 4" canvas. The event is called FOUR by FOUR for Education and is on display from March 4 - 14 with the fundraising event occurring on March 14 at 2:00.

"The Four by Four raises funds for the Brush Scholarship fund and Special Perspectives. A $1000 scholarship is granted to a deserving University of Mass Lowell art student. Special Perspectives programming brings art instruction to challenged adults, currently Megan's House, a transition program for young women recovering from addiction."

There is still time to participate. Deadline is February 26. Mine is in the mail! 

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  1. Hi Karen, i also love quotes that speak clarity and truth to me. have for decades and still collect them some times even add them to the left column of my neglected blog. one i used in a post card exchange and that i have copied into a greeting card irs the one from Oscar Wilde that reads .."Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." .if i can fish it out of picasa i'll send it along! Healthy new year 2020 to you,


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